Johnsons London Linen puts hospitality linen into the city’s spotlight with a total rebrand.

Johnsons London Linen

Rebranding Johnsons

As London’s restaurant scene has changed over that time, London Linen have invested in processes, linen ranges and people to ensure our service provision remains unparalleled in the culinary capital of the world.


We designed a new flagship brochure with accompanying product sheets for the sales team. We brought the range to life with animation in-store and took the communication through to on product, also creating the toolkits, and produced a series of five mini brochures for each product in the Mastery Range and an overarching mini brochure. By engaging our consumer and trade audiences with inspiring and innovative content, we were able to demonstrate how AEG can help you take anything you do in the home to the next level.

Customer service lies at their core. Ideas grounded in rigour and data driven insight – tightly connected to the real world. Right and bespoke for each client. We took this thinking as our platform to inspire our naming and to develop a new visual identity to move the brand forward.

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