Inecto is a brand of natural beauty products with a cheeky personality. We were invited to create a brand identity that mirrored this nutty energy, including a new website, brand guidelines, advert templates and more!

The language on the back of Inecto packs is fun and full of energy, so we infused our creative executions with playful headlines and dynamic imagery, whilst ensuring we didn’t lose the link to the natural and vegan friendly products.

Our Work

We kicked off this brand identity project with a brand guidelines document. Exploring tone of voice, imagery, graphic tool kit and POS guidance.

Our mobile responsive website is fully CMS accessible and SEO tested. We are currently updating with a new range and hope to continue to grow our digital presence.

As an international brand we were asked to create an advert that other countries could utilise. This was a challenge as we had to make the advert fun, yet simple to ensure ease of translation.

We currently run Facebook and Instagram for Inecto UK and are proud to have an engaged audience who not only share the love but also positive product reviews.

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