Godrej UK market and distribute some of the beauty and personal care market's best-loved brands, so we were thrilled to be asked us to undertake a full rebrand of the company. Godrej is such an integral part of India, being founded in 1897 and today reaching over 600 million Indians daily through consumer goods, real estate, appliances and many other businesses. For Godrej UK, we felt it was important to capture the spirit and energy of their Indian roots, their people culture, and ensure colour and vibrancy flowed through the new visual identity. 


Colour plays an important part in the culture of Godrej. Using colour theory to create a palette of three gradients that help to define areas of their business methodology and process: Engage, Inspire, Drive. We also created a suite of dynamic shapes, which can be overlaid to create colourful hues, and which equates to an expressive, ever-changing visual identity.

We rolled out the visual identity across all internal and external communications, from stationery, company presentations and investor reports to newsletters, emails and web site. We created a new logo to spearhead a 25th anniversary campaign which included the same colourful and energetic quality.

We created a new responsive website for Godrej UK which showcases all their beauty brands and integrates all of their social feeds.

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