Getting in touch with an audience

Cuticura is a range of hand sanitation products that have been sold in the UK for over 150 years. With the rise of supermarket-own brands it has been our job to educate consumers and show them that Cuticura are the experts in hand sanitation, whilst remaining family-friendly.

Our Work

To give the brand a human touch we developed the tagline “Busy hands make life work”. With new brand photography, we created an integrated look for web, social feeds and advertising.

We have developed a suite of press adverts for women’s magazines which include our own photography. We have been able to create a balance between product and lifestyle imagery.

We currently run the Cuticura Facebook page, which promotes the “busy hands make life work” motto. We are able to inspire conversation about product use without having to focus on germs.

Our mobile responsive website includes an 150 year celebration educating the public about efficacy and brand confidence.

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