Take 5 with Hive – 5 Successful Food Re-brands

20 October 2016 / in Brand

Take 5 with Hive – 5 Successful Food Re-brands

Re-branding is a great way to refresh and update a tired model. Re-positioning your brand is key to ensuring the image is received well and through market research, your brand is in-line with the needs and desires of your loyal audiences

Check out our 5 successful food brands with a tasty new look!

 1. Deliveroo

This successful London start-up went through a much-publicised rebrand recently, with a logo that highlighted their minimal Kangaroo image. Working in partnership with road safety charity Brake, the new logo was designed to create safer and more reflective uniforms for their drivers, as well as making use of their easily recognisable Kangaroo symbol.



 2. Co-op

 The Co-opertaive Group has recently returned to their old cloverleaf logo, originally designed back in 1968. This retro ‘reboot’ aimed to revive the brand from it’s corporate footing by creating a bright and vibrant design to resonate on food packaging and bags.


 3.) Just Eat

Online food and delivery service Just Eat, famous for their catchy and eventually highly irritating adverts, has undergone a colourful rebrand. They have removed their cursor logo to signify their progression into apps, and their multi-coloured spectrum branding is impactful and easily imagined on other branding like motorcycles and takeaway pots.

4.) Coke Zero

Brand giant Coca Cola have recently undergone a slight name change, a move perhaps inspired from the government's latest sugar tax. The new look and move from 'Coke Zero' to 'Coke Zero Sugar' was said to be due to the fact that many people didn’t believe that this product  actually contained zero sugar!


5.) Thorntons

Thorntons Chocolate have also updated their brand identity to allow the brand greater personality, with a subliminal curve and new brand emblem locked to the logo. This small addition to the visual journey helps to bring the brand to life. 

Check out our adverts above we put together for Thorntons Grocer Magazine, cover and insert.

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