Has TalkTalk got the X-Factor?

30 August 2016 / in Brand, Digital, Social, Advertising

Has TalkTalk got the X-Factor?

TalkTalk is the headline sponsor of the X-factor for the 10th Year running, and as the audience drops to 6.3 million (the lowest in 10 years) what have they got up their sleeve to capture this dwindling but still impressive audience.

The answer is a brand new app called FX Star. Download from your app store and you can create your own 15second video, which in turn might get shown on national TV.

How does it work?

  1. Download the FX Star app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Select a filter
  3. Select a track
  4. Use your device's camera to film yourself lip-syncing along to the track
  5. Submit your video for the chance to feature on TV
  6. Share your video through social media

You can choose from a huge array of filters including this funky looking guy who is using the apple head filter and there are also plenty of songs to pick from.

David Parslow, TalkTalk's marketing director, said: "This year’s FX Star is fun, current and entertaining. Like The X Factor, it celebrates the feel-good moments that bring people together and is a chance for our customers, and fans of the show, to enjoy sharing and showcasing their inner pop star."

At the time of posting this article it seems that the app isn’t all its cracked up to be with a low 2.3 star rating on Google play.

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