Getting to grips with Brand Positioning

11 August 2016 / in Brand

Getting to grips with Brand Positioning

What exactly is brand positioning?

Positioning differentiates a brand in the minds of its customers, setting itself apart from the competition to gain market share. The more meaningful the difference is to the customer, the better. The more different the difference is from its competition, the better.

With an intelligent, forward-looking approach, we can positively influence its brand positioning in the eyes of its target customers. 

A brand should embrace the No. 1 positioning principle. This means a brand can really only stand for only one idea. 

This can be easier said than done, because often companies want their brands to be all things to all people. It’s a common belief that if they can be everything for everybody, they will become wildly successful. Brand positioning, however, is just the opposite. It's all about focus. For example:

KitKat owns the idea of ‘break time’. Volvo owns the idea of ‘safety.’ FedEx owns ‘overnight delivery.’ Domino’s Pizza owns ‘delivery.’ 

They all get the golden egg because they stick to the golden rule: that their brand will only stand for one idea. 

Of course, standing for one idea doesn’t mean your communications will at some point become stale or less inspiring. On the contrary. The great thing about positioning is that it can be dramatized in a whole host of different creative executions. The important thing  is that creative expression can differ as long as it is underpinned by the positioning strategy and effectively dramatizes the position.

Your brand will best connect with your customers through a clear and unique positioing that is reinforced at every touchpoint by way of dramatic, inspiring and constantly evolving creative.

If every element of your marketing campaign is not doing its very best to build that focused, meaningful and differentiated idea in the mind of your target customer, then you are not dramatizing your position in the most effective way possible. 

When you discover your unqiue position and develop your positioning strategy, you’ll find your marketing is so much more fun... and wildly more successful! If you don't already know your position, we can help you find this. With your new-found positioning strategy, we can start marketing together and successfully execute your position and grow your business. To get started, give us a call on 0117 972 877 or email our brand team at

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