Compers and social media: the pros and cons

31 August 2016 / in Social

Compers and social media: the pros and cons

Competitions on social media are a great way to reward loyal fans and get audiences engaging and interacting with your brand online. However, the huge surge in serial ‘Compers’ has left those trying to provide authentic content on social media a little frustrated.

Compers are a community of bargain-savvy competition enthusiasts who monitor a large number of brand’s social media pages to enter as many competitions as possible to eventually win and score some freebies, ranging from holidays to product samples. These communities are often supported with forums or Facebook groups where members update each other with what pages are running competitions, what prizes are up for grabs and what they need to do to win.

Of course, every social media page requires engagement from fans to succeed, however, the presence of compers on feeds has been criticised, with their follower ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ being up for question.


  • It can be argued that having compers interacting on your page isn’t genuine engagement, they are driven by desire for free products and will not necessarily have any real interest in the brand.
  • Having compers like your page may fill your friend list with ‘ghost’ accounts and not actual people who will interact with your content in a meaningful way.
  • When running competitions, it can be problematic to pick a suitable winner who is genuinely interested in the brand when submerged in a sea of compers, vying for your attention.
  • Compers are known to like pages whilst a competition is running, then unlike the page once a winner is announced. This can be detrimental to the statistics of the page and dramatically increase the unlike rate of the page, causing a drop in followers.
  • Busy competition posts may deter genuine fans. Sometimes, some fan members may be put off entering competitions if they see the comment stream filled with eager comper comments.
  • Some compers may have fake or inactive accounts, leaving you trying to engage with a silent audience.


  • Having compers join your page will increase your statistics significantly. More followers and more commenters looks great for a page and displays ongoing activity and interaction.
  • Competition posts are guaranteed to gain great traction and likes, with compers interacting as soon as posts go live.
  • Compers add fuel to your social media feed, and will often interact with the brand with thoughtful comments.
  • All audience members visiting your page are potential customers. Many compers may win a prize and continue to use that product, or even follow the page and the competitions, whilst still shopping for that brand. Every opportunity to get your brand out there should be valued and spreading around product prizes is a great way to gain fans and brand awareness. 

With these pros and cons in mind we have explored potential solutions of how compers and social media mangers can work in harmony.

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