Christmas Shopping Trends for 2017: how to better target your customer

08 November 2017 / in Brand, Digital, Content, Advertising

Christmas Shopping Trends for 2017: how to better target your customer

With Christmas now only 6 weeks away, shopping is very much on the mind of the consumer. Whether online, in-store or a combination of both, understanding your customers real shopping behavior is the route to Christmas retailing success. So, take a read of some of the top Christmas shopping consumer trends for 2017:

1) Nostalgia gifts

Consumers are craving retro when it comes to their gift purchases in areas where they have a more futuristic mind-set. For example, in 2017, Kodak re-introduced their classic Kodak film. 

2) Black Friday

In the UK, Black Friday (24th November 2017) is now the biggest day in ecommerce - overtaking Boxing Day, when the traditional winter sales begin. So if your brand isn’t actively promoting your products on this day, you could be missing out!


While many shoppers are purchasing big gifts as early as November, procrastinators are purchasing much closer to Christmas. In 2016, Criteo data showed that there was a huge surge of sale conversions on the 22nd and 23rd of December.

4) Christmas Day mobile shopping

In 2016, nearly two-thirds of online purchases made on Christmas Day were carried out using a smartphone. So, make sure you are capturing your customers on Christmas Day as this is likely to be the busiest mobile shopping day of the year.


5) Convenience

Although this is not new news, convenience is the number one motivation for shopping channels during the festive period. For example, in 2016, 80% of UK consumers shopped online for convenience and 88% shopped in-store for convenience.

6) The Millennial market

Millennials are savvy and they’re always looking to make their money go further. In 2016, it was estimated that 62% of Millennials used vouchers or coupons to reduce the cost of their Christmas shopping. 

7) Gen Z's love for tech

They grew up with a digital gadget in their hands, so it’s not surprising that 37% of Christmas presents bought for Under 18s in 2016 were digital devices.

8) Click & Collect

Whether consumers are utilising click & collect services or not, retailers are pushing it because it saves them on shipping costs and gives them a chance to upsell. According to Criteo data, 79% of online shoppers use in-store pickup if it’s offered and 71% make an additional purchase when picking up.


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