Building a brand for conservation: Bear Wood

20 June 2018 / in Brand, Advertising

Building a brand for conservation: Bear Wood

At Hive we recently embarked on a project for local client Bristol Zoological Society. Bear Wood is an exciting new development due to open in the summer of 2019 at their Wild Place Project site. Located in South Gloucestershire, the exhibit will transport you back in time to when these woods were inhabited by species such as European Brown Bears, European Wolves, Eurasian Lynx and Wolverine. With media coverage in Express, Metro and Daily Mail to name just a few, Bear Wood is anticipated to be the most successful attraction at Wild Place Project to date. 

Through seven and a half acres of woodland, the project will demonstrate the effects of woodland loss in the area and educate visitors on how you can help protect British wildlife through immersive experiences. Transporting you back in time, visitors will see Bears, Lynx and Wolverine roaming the site as they would have done centuries ago!

To support the project, our job was to create an exciting yet worthy campaign - telling the story of Bear Wood through powerful imagery and messaging. It was important that the campaign encompassed both the importance of the project in terms of its conservation benefit, whilst building excitement around the attraction.

To find out more about Bear Wood or to make a donation please click here

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