5 ways Compers and Social Media Managers work in harmony

31 August 2016 / in Content, Social

5 ways Compers and Social Media Managers work in harmony

This weeks Take 5ive with Hive builds on our previous blog "Compers: Pros and Cons on social media" and explores 5 ways that compers and social media managers can work in harmony.

1. Limit your competitions 

Reduce opportunities to win to every week or once a month. Compers will either leave for good or hold on, a win-win outcome when managing the fluctuating statistics of a page.

2. Monitor rewards

Only reward accounts with a win if their profile page doesn’t look too competition-heavy with giveaway shares. Taking at look at the profiles of who is interacting with your page is also great for better understanding your audience. 

3. Craft your copy

Craft your competition copy so that fans need to discuss the brand in order to win. Get them to talk about why they love your products, what do they use it for, which is their favourite etc. 

4. Get active

Get fans to be active to win. Asking audience members to answer brand-related questions or re-directing them back to websites or other brand channels is great for boosting traffic and keeping the competition relevant and on-brand. 

5. Reward

It’s also vital to reward your fans  - both compers and non-compers - for their effort. Run competitions that require fans to send in a picture or a review. Re-using or re-posting their quotes or comments is a great way to get the audience directly involved and feeling like they’ve contributed directly to the page and the brand, for all to see

Overall, the presence of compers on social media pages has traditionally been frowned upon, especially as some can potentially be fraudulent spam accounts. However, it’s paramount to see every audience member on your page as a potential customer, and should be treated with the same level of respect. 

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