5 Social Media Faux

15 August 2016 / in Social

5 Social Media Faux "Paws"

It’s Friday in the Hive office and time for our Take 5ive weekly blog. This week we are using the universal language of cute animal GIFs to reflect on 5 common faux “paws”.   

1. “You want how many page likes??”

Growing a fan base is important however setting or agreeing to unrealistic goals can end up being frustrating for both the agency and the client. At Hive our best practice document suggests setting achievable and focussed goals is the first step to creating a successful social strategy.

2. “Hands up who can tell me our social strategy?” 

If this question is met with a sea of confused faces you need to set Hootsuite to snooze and make sure the whole team are properly briefed. If the team understands what the business, digital marketing and social objectives are for each channel you are more likely to achieve your goals.

3. “I love excel”

We ensure that we keep our clients up to date with monthly reviews, however it is important to share these results with the whole team. At Hive we call this part of the process “rinse and repeat” an important part of social planning which eventually streamlines social content to be more successful.

4. “Let me help you!”

Okay so this over enthusiastic dog might not be helping the situation but it is important not to forget the importance of supporting your social activity. In this oversaturated digital market it is preferable to support social activity with advertising.

5. “Best. Day. Ever”

As this dog on a trampoline is teaching us, sometimes you just need to have fun. At Hive we generate monthly content plans and within these include posts that aim to make our fans smile! Where possible we also reserve some budget each month to post fun, ad-hoc, real-time content.

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