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We’re here to help your brand discover and reach it’s full potential. We achieve this, because we keep our sights set on increasing brand advocacy and sales. Whether it’s creation, evolution or management of your brand, our combined strategic and creative experience provides the spark that enhances your brand’s storytelling, empowering deeper engagement throughout the customer journey. 

We can help with...

By understanding and defining your core brand values, we can bring you closer to your customers and set you further apart from the competition. Applying this strategic foundation inspires our creativity, resulting in creating desire for your product or services.

We work with you to create compelling brands and bespoke digital or printed communications. The difference we deliver derives from inspired strategic and creative thinking.

A new product launch requires a highly tactical approach to maximise engagement and take up. With thorough planning, impeccable timing and some rocket-fuelled creative, we deliver a campaign that everyone will love and a launch strategy that ensures strong market penetration.


Brand Guidelines

At Hive, it is fundamental that we communicate the values and ideas that our client’s brands embody. We create guidelines to ensure the brand’s design language within their DNA is expressed at every customer touchpoint and safegaurd it’s integrity. If you’d like to know why we feel brand guidelines are important, have a read of our short guide.

Why Brand Guidelines?


What do you stand for? How you want to be perceived by all of your different stakeholders? Of all of the many different ways your customers will experience the things you say and do as a brand, what will your audience take away with them and how will it affect brand loyalty? At Hive, we use an intelligent, forward-looking approach to help our clients create positive influence. 

Getting to grips with Brand Positioning


It is often thought the motivation for a pack design change is in hands of the brand´s owners, but actually it is the competitive context that drives the need for change. When Soft & Gentle decided to expand their range of products, it is vital to think thoughtfully how and why the packaging should evolve.

Soft & Gentle case study...

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